X-Ray Technologist Jobs Description & Duties, Salary & Hourly Rate In Texas

x-ray technologist

How to become an X-Ray technologist?

The job of the X-Ray technologist is not easy. For it, these medical professionals are required to use the specific knowledge and focus on several things. If you want to become an X-Ray technologist then you can take help from the following guide.

  • Take the proper technical training. For it, the post-secondary program is provided by the experts.
  • The program is available with different types of the associated degrees of bachelor’s level.
  • Study of an X-Ray technologist covers different types of topics and numerous concepts.
  • After that, the individuals are required to get certified by completing the course.
  • The certification is based on a test which is conducted by ARRT.
  • The test is designed by adding 220 MCQs and the time duration is 4 hours.

The students those are interested in doing the job as an X-Ray technologist should try to get a license.

How much money does an X-Ray technologist make an hour and monthly salary in Texas?

Income factor is the biggest thing which is associated with different types of professions. In case of an X-Ray technologist, the individuals can make a reasonable amount of capital. If we focus on the average salary, then it reveals some unfavorable results. These results show a lower income scale.

The average income of an X-Ray technologist is 23.34$/hour. The average salary of the technologist is below the average salary of an individual on the basis of national income. It gets reduced by 8%. The individuals those are working on the monthly basis are getting paid with 4498$ on an average.

There are numerous factors affecting the salary of the technologist. Mainly these factors are the size of the company/hospital, market rate and an experience of that person. The technologists are able to make a good amount of money by performing the job properly.

What does an X-Ray technologist do?

Mainly the X-Ray services are availed by the individuals for getting an image of the bones. The doctors are prescribing or suggesting X-Rays in case of bone damage or fracture. X-Ray helps the doctor and the patient to get a report regarding bone health and some other things. Here the X-Ray technologist is playing an important role.

The technologist is the only professional who can operate and process the X-Ray machine. The technologists have special knowledge of all these things. The X-Ray technologists are also known as the radiologic technologists. You can find the services related to these types of professionals in the following: –

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Diagnostic imaging centers
  • Laboratories

In the imaging process, the professionals are required to take help from different types of machines or equipment. The management of all these sources is also depending on the knowledge of X-Ray technologist. With it, the technologists are required to take help from the different types of things. Mainly these things are a proper use of leads and consider gloves for avoiding the radiation effects.

According to the survey, it is clear that an X-Ray technologist works for 40hrs. Per week. In these hours he is entitled to attend normal as well as emergency cases.

X-Ray technologist jobs description

The radiographer is another term which is used by the individuals for considering the X-Ray technologists. The technologist is providing services for producing the image of the bones. The machine scans the patient’s body and takes out the prints related to the bone structure. The training period for becoming eligible for this particular job ranges from 1 to 4 years.

X-Ray technologists’ responsibilities

There are different types of responsibilities on the shoulders of an X-Ray Technologist. Following are some of them: –

  • Getting X-Ray images of the patient’s bone and skeletal structure
  • Follow all the government rules and protocols for providing proper safety to the patients
  • Take control of the video display and maintain the picture quality with proper standards
  • Adjustments of all the image affecting factors such as – contrast and density
  • Keep the equipment perfect for getting proper data or scan the patient’s bone structure
  • Provide proper knowledge to the patients about the complete scanning process and associated factors.
  • Position the patient carefully and perfectly on the table
  • Take help from appropriate and protective cloths for covering the patients

The individuals are required to focus on all these things while doing the X-Ray scanning. Proper scanning will provide perfect results and images of the patient’s bones.

X-Ray technologists’ duty

The job of an X-Ray technologist is associated with the lots of duties. If you want to make a good career then you should focus on these following points.

  • Upgrade the X-Ray techniques and equipment from time to time
  • Appoint the educated staff for completing the procedure properly
  • Keeping the patient’s data safe by making additional copies of images
  • Proper services and management of machines
  • Provide proper assistance to the surgeons

For the better career and bright future, the individuals should be focused on all these things. With it, the service quality also becomes much better.

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