How much Radiology Technician Make hourly/yearly Texas | Jobs Description & Duties


How to become a Radiology Technician?

For becoming a Radiology Technician, the individuals are required to follow a proper process. During the process, they can get complete knowledge about the radiology and associated factors. With it, they can know that what kind of activities they need to perform in the future. There are four major steps of the process. In the following points, I’m going to explain the process –

Step 1: High school study – Interested individuals are required to complete their high school study in the radiology Technician related subjects.

Step 2: Apply for the program – Apply for the proper program for getting theoretical and practical knowledge related to the work.

Step 3: Certification – After completing the education, professionals should apply for the registration and certification process to ARRT.

Step 4: Renewal – Time to time renewal of certification and the time period is one year. All radiology Technician need to renew their certification every year.

How much money does Radiology Technician make an hour and monthly salary in Texas?

Salary is one of the most important parts in all types of jobs or career options. Everyone wants to hold a position where they are receiving highest pay or salary.

If we talk about the radiology technologists then they have a great opportunity to make money. Mainly the decisions related to the salary are taken by the employers on the basis of some factors such as – experience, knowledge and so on.

A Radiology Technician can be paid hourly or monthly. It depends on the contract which is signed by the employer and the professionals. In a survey, there are impressive stats appear.

According to these ones, the professionals are receiving 26.77$ per hour (minimum – 17.47$ & maximum – 37.16$). On the monthly basis, the salary becomes 4,640$ average (minimum – 3,028$ & maximum – 6,441$). All these things are depending on Skills and abilities of the professionals.

What does a Radiology Technician do?

Radiology Technicians are the professionals those have some different kind of skills. Mainly these types of professionals are required to use different types of equipment. By it, they are trying to do proper imagining of patients. With it, there are lots of responsibilities on the shoulders of a radiology technologist. These types of professionals are specially trained in all these things.

During the study and education time period, they get introduced to different types of factors. They get lots of knowledge about the different types of radiology techniques and other associated factors. The most important task of the radiology Technicians is the proper positioning of patients. In case the patient does not get positioned properly then the imagining is not completed and does not provide perfect results.

With it, the professionals are required to focus on lots of things. They should try to maintain the good condition of machines or equipment. Another factor on which the Technicians are required to pay attention is related to the radiation. They are required to control the radiation which is inside the equipment. If it leaks then the patients’ may face some dangerous health-related issues.

Radiology Technician jobs description

There are different types of medical and surgical equipment and machines used in the hospitals. The X-Ray machines are also one of these. By using it, the professionals are able to imagine the bone structure of the patients. The professionals those are operating and maintaining the good condition of X-Ray machines are known as the radiology Technicians. The most important work of the Technicians is to prepare the patient for facing the complete procedure.

Radiology Technician’s duties

In the job of a radiology Technician, the professional is required to focus on different things. They need to make sure that they are performing all types of activities properly or not. With it, there are different types of duties need to be performed by them. Following are some of these –

  • Explaining the complete procedure in front of the patient
  • Provide proper safety measures and clothes by which harmful rays do not touch the body
  • Keep the patient’s body in the proper position for getting the perfect image of bones
  • Control on the machines and equipment

These are some main factors those should be followed by all radiology Technicians. With it, Technicians are required to maintain a good and working condition of the machines. It can help them in several ways such as – providing proper imagining results.

Radiology Technician’s responsibilities

Radiology Technician is an expert who has lots of knowledge related to the use of X-Ray machine and imagining techniques. With these types of specific knowledge, they need to be focused on different things. There are different types of activities performed by the professionals for the body imagining.

With it, the use of proper equipment is completely based on the technique and source of imagining. You can say that, with the higher education and knowledge, the responsibilities of a radiology Technician also get increased.

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