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How to become a pre-op nurse?

Becoming a pre-op nurse is not an easy task if you think! It is no less than being a doctor because the well-being of the patient is as much in your hands as in the doctors. Hence, it is most obvious that one needs a list of specific degrees and educational qualifications in order to become a pre-op nurse. Given below are most important qualifications for becoming a pre-op nurse:

  • A good standing RN license which can be easily achieved if you have completed the 2-year ADN program.
  • One needs to have at least 1-year of experience
  • A CRNFA for those who seek to assist a surgeon
  • Apart from all of the above given points, a pre-op nurse should at least have a bachelor’s degree in nursing to be eligible to apply for nursing jobs

If you have all the above given qualifications, along with a valuable work experience, you are good to go. Apply for a nursing job and make use of all your prior experience thoughtfully.

How much money does a Pre-op nurse make an hour and monthly salary in Texas?

A pre-op nurse is one of the most vital parts of a surgeon’s team. If it weren’t for the pre-op nurses, the level of care required by a patient would not be sufficed. And so, it is only safe to say that the preventive care (pre-operative nurses) are going to get more needful than ever as well as their wages. However, the current wage rate for a pre-op nurse highly varies with their specific qualification, and country. When talking about Texas, USA the pre-op nurses here are not only highly sought by every hospital but their pay is thoughtful for a nurse to lead a quality life. An average pre-op nurse with a minimum of RN can also get a median salary of approximately $66,000. It is obvious that the more experience the pre-op nurse has, the pay would keep getting larger. Therefore, keep practicing nursing if you wish to reach the peak income as a pre-op nurse.

  • What does a pre-op nurse do?

As the name suggests, the pre-op nurse is required to take care of all the medicinal preparations required for a successful surgery. These pre-operative procedures are very important for the very important keeping in mind a successful surgery as well as to make sure all the vitals of the patient is not fluctuating. The most common pre-operative procedure required by a nurse to operate is:

  • Note down the vital signs of the patient
  • A brief of the medical history of the patient
  • To begin the IV catheters
  • A brief head-to-toe check-up of the patient to make sure the patient is stable enough to be performed a surgical procedure on
  • A pre-op nurse also needs to make sure that all the paperwork is done appropriately and that all the necessary details have been recorded
  • Last but not the least; a pre-op nurse is also required to provide emotional support to the patient, and their family.

Taking care of the patient is the most important factor as a pre-operative nurse. Without following a thorough pre-operative guidelines which a nurse is supposed to do will put the patient in great risk. Therefore, understand the worth of a pre-op nurse and make a difference in your patient’s life!

Preoperative nursing jobs description, responsibilities, and duties

Being a pre-operative nurse means taking up the undoubtful responsibility for the well-being of a patient and much more. Read the points given below to learn more about the responsibilities of a pre-op nurse:

  • A pre-op nurse has to make sure that all the safety measure are being followed for a patient
  • A pre-op nurse will have to regularly monitor the vitals and assess a patient’s condition and give a timely report to the interdisciplinary team
  • A pre-op nurse has to be thoughtful while using the supplies and equipment provided
  • A pre-op nurse should always make sure that all the technical equipment is working without any shadow of a doubt
  • A pre-op nurse will need to behave as a patient’s advocate, that is, to work in best interest of the patient
  • One of the most important factors that every pre-op nurse is supposed to inculcate is that he/she should never be biased on whatsoever grounds for the well-being of a patient.
  • The pre-op nurse is required to follow the guidelines as and how described by the head surgeon or by the hospital
  • A pre-op nurse is liable to prioritize the well-being of their patients over anything else in their own private life
  • A pre-op nurse needs to update the follow-up of a patient regularly, as advised by the specialized doctor

It is mandatory for every pre-op nurse to religiously follow the aforementioned guidelines. These are the guidelines which are laid forward by the board of nursing; it is possible that your employer has an added list of guidelines. In any which way, breaking of any rules will put you and your job at great risk therefore, be considerate about your patients and their well-being.

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