How much Phlebotomist make hourly monthly Texas | jobs description & Duties

Phlebotomist salary

How to become a Phlebotomist nurse?

Candidates who are aspiring to become Phlebotomist nurses have to hold a high school diploma certificate or its equivalent, train themselves in phlebotomy,  engage in phlebotomy training programs and get the state licenses and the accurate certificate in order to practice as a Phlebotomist nurse. There are several schools and colleges that offer courses that cover the various aspects of Phlebotomy. holding a high school diploma is the basic prerequisite for such aspirants. It is also necessary that such candidates should have had attained the age of 18 years in order to participate in the program. The Phlebotomy training programs urgently conducted for a  short period of time, commonly less than a year. The courses train the students how to interact with patients, perform the required actions and handle various are the situations.

How much money does a Phlebotomist make an hour and monthly salary in Texas?

In Texas, Phlebotomist earns about $15 to  $20 per hour. This is about 6 % above the national average of calculated salaries. The work is quite strenuous and the average monthly salary of a Phlebotomist is about 29717 dollars. However the salary and the rates may differ from time to time as well as between hospitals, Healthcare centers, medical establishments, nursing homes, and other such facilities. The salary range also depends upon the location and the area in which one is to work as a Phlebotomist. The higher the educational qualification and the years of experience, the higher will be the salary under Income earned by the individual Phlebotomist. Experience plays a vital role when it comes to earning the salary and working as a Phlebotomist.

What does a Phlebotomist do?

  • A phlebotomist collects the blood samples from patients and then analyses and test them in the Hospital laboratory or other specified and prescribe Laboratories of the hospital, nursing home, Health Care Centre, medical establishments, and other such facilities.
  • Phlebotomist engages and interacts with patients and build a  study rapport with them.
  • Phlebotomist pays special attention to patients and they should possess the ability to focus and pay attention to each and every minute detail.
  • They ensure that every test sample is given the accurate labels and maintained in a proper and clean condition. This is necessary in order to in Shell Script correct test is performed on the patient’s samples. It is crucial in cases of the patient was suffering from viruses and other diseases which cause severe complications in the human body.
  • A Phlebotomist should follow all of the safety procedures of the laboratory and medical establishment or center, prescribed and ensure that they are followed by others as well.
  • They need to clean, maintain and sanitize every area that the infected patient occupied in order to ensure that the disease is not spread to the entire hospital and the other patients as well.

Phlebotomist nursing jobs description, responsibilities, and duties

Phlebotomists are well trained in the area of taking blood samples from patients or animals in medical establishment and Healthcare centers. They employ the procedure of venipuncture for the purpose of drawing of blood from the body.  The blood samples are taken for the purpose of donation of blood, research purposes, testing of the blood samples in order to detect viruses and bacteria, as well as for transfusion. The Phlebotomist falls under the supervision and guidance of a medical laboratory scientist. Some medical centers and nursing care homes require these individuals to produce certificates and licenses in order to enable them to dispense with their duties and to take care of patients. A Phlebotomist plays several roles and responsibilities. Some of them are:

  • A Phlebotomist Should be an excellent communicator as well as a good listener.
  • They should be capable of making adjustments according to the requirements, needs, and desires of the patient. There should be willing to Cater to the Welfare of the patient during their stay at hospital or Health Care Centre.
  • It is the main responsibility of the Phlebotomist to ensure the patient enjoys a stress-free medication at the Healthcare Centre.
  • A Phlebotomist also works with computers and makes a recording of the blood samples and other tests conducted by them, based on the samples collected from the patients. For the purposes a basic knowledge of computers and how to operate hi-tech lab equipment.
  • The Phlebotomist should have excellent concentration skills and focuses on the task at hand in order to ensure that the patient’s blood is tested in the proper manner and stored complete with label and the standard required. It is also necessary that they stay calm without causing much hardships and irritability to patients. It is their duty to prevent and effectively remove any sort of pressure on the patients and work with excellent dexterity.

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