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Medicine and healthcare are one of the basic needs required by every human. Nursing is a vast sub-sector in the medical field that is gaining development. Around 200,000 nurses work in the state of Texas which is one of the most populated states in the United States of America.

San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is an important city located in the southwestern part of Texas. The state has historic remembrance and it is the oldest municipality in the state. The historic city has many tourists all through the year. The state has many US military facilities in and around the city which has fully facilitated medical centers in most places. This invites opportunities for nursing professionals in the city.

Nursing courses

There are quite a few options to choose from to study in the field of nursing. Every course is unique and has its own good and bad.

Nurse assistant training programme

A certified training program that can be taken after high school graduation or GED. The nurses training makes you eligible to work as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). CNAs are assistants to the nurses or run services like sterilizing, cleaning, etc in the medical facility. CNAs essentially need to assist RNs or LVNs. The course is expected to run for half to one year. The duration and education cost are in favor, but the salary is low.

Diploma in Nursing

Diploma courses can put you slightly up on the ladder of nurses. You get to attend the National Council of Licensure Examination – Practising Nurse (NCLEX – PN). You are qualified as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). But still, not enough to function as an independent nurse, LVN needs to be supervised by RN. You get to complete the course in less than 2 years and the pay is almost twice the CNAs but not as much as the RN.

Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN)

It is the complete under-graduation course available for the nursing profession. It qualifies you for the best pay in class and offers the deep values and knowledge for the practice of a nurse. It is a four-year program to get the Registered Nurse (RN) license.

Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN)

An easy route to becoming a Registered Nurse (RM). The associate’s course runs for a period of 2 years after which NCLEX has to be taken to license oneself. The pay scale is good enough. Thought the chances of advancing in a career is very less. To look up for better postings and having a better pay one has to have Bachelors of science in nursing. It can be done with an upgrade programme.

In the spectrum of nurses in Texas, 37% are RN with BSN, 50% are RN with ADN rest occupied by others. BSNs being the most profitable of the nursing profession is overtook by the ADNs because of the lesser duration and cost with a little compromise on the pay. Though for pursuing masters one needs to upgrade to BSN to be eligible.

Evaluation and licensing

To practice as a nurse in the US, the license is a compulsion to hold. The license is issued by National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) upon clearing the exam conducted by them. National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX – RN) is the exam that ADNs and BSNs take while the LVNs take a simpler exam on the same base NCLEX – Practising Nurse.

The test plan by NCSBN covers all the essentials of nursing through four aspects,

  • Safe and effective care environment: Maintenance of environment.
  • Health promotion and maintenance: Preventive measure and practices.
  • Psychosocial integrity: Maintaining social peace.
  • Physiology integrity: Understanding and adapting to the needs of physiology.

The scenario of nursing in San Antonio, TX

The whole sector of medicine and healthcare is facing a shortage of professionals in the US. The medicine industry seems to grow at a good pace. The needs posed by the population is not met by the available no. of professionals.

Nursing in San Antonio is also facing the same issue. Hiring travel nurses are the new trend followed because attending with a travel nurse is always better than leaving the bed unattended.

Institutes have started increasing the pay and granting bonuses in order to retain the staffs available with them. A few institutions went a step ahead and started offering benefits like housing facility, study loan repayment.


Choosing the apt job

Choosing the right job is a hectic process to be handled with utmost care.

  • Firstly, decide what sector of medicine you wish to serve based on your interest and skills.
  • Filter the jobs from that sector. Check if the pay scale meets your expectations.
  • Check for the other conditions like shift timings, schedule of work, role and responsibilities.
  • Choose the ideal location to take up the job and with the final list of filtered job openings, approach the company with a well-crafted resume.

If you feel lazy or unfamiliar with the above-listed tasks you can have the staffing agencies do the work for you. Nurse staffing agencies can be found in abundance in San Antonio.

Pay scale nursing profession in San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the low paying cities in Texas when it comes to nursing profession. Nurses of all cadres get paid lesser than Dallas and Houston respectively.

  • Registered Nurses are paid 60,500 USD annually, that is 27 USD per hour. The pay is below the national average pay of RNs. Profit sharing is also low than other states around 110 USD only. RNs with BSN with 5 – 10 years of experience get a pay of 72,000 USD annually.
  • LVNs also get paid less than the national average the pay ranges between 45,000 to 40,000 USD.
  • CNAs are moderately paid, averaging at an hourly wage of 11.30 USD. The annual income of 31,500 USD is on par with the average national income.


Though nursing profession has high hopes, it doesn’t seem to pay so well in San Antonio. Nursing is a great career option, but by the above information provided San Antonio doesn’t seem ideal to practice. Instead, consider Houston and Dallas if you are looking for nursing opportunities in Texas.

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