How Much Does Nurse Assistant make hourly Texas | jobs description & Duties

How to become a Nurse Assistant?

In order to become a certified nurse assistant one should possess a school diploma certificate as well as a certificate indicating the completion of training for nursing assistant. You can easily enroll yourself in this nursing assistant training programs in the various medical facilities establishments, community colleges,  nursing schools and others. However at the time of enrolling yourself into a  nursing training program, one needs to ensure that the program you are signing up for is approved by the Nursing Board of the state you are signing up in. Once the training period is completed or the particular course is over, be expiring candidate will also need to take part in a state exam conducted by the higher authorities. This is required in order to test your skills and basic knowledge about nursing.

 How much money does a Nurse Assistant make in an hour and monthly salary in Texas?

A nurse assistant in Texas earns about $10 to $13 for an hour. this is believed to be about 9% lesser than the  National average. A nurse assistant earns a monthly salary of  31,139 dollars. Both last year and this year, Texas recorded the highest employment level for Nurse assistants in the state. In a week 20 professionals on a salary of  $1,150 every week, on an average. This is about 21 % lesser than the nationwide average salary for a registered nurse assistant in the country, as per the calculation and Research conducted by the Bureau of labor statistics. They also went on to calculate the average and median Harley salary rates and found that it was 34.65  dollars and 33.65 $. Registered nurses who have studied in approved Medical schools and training facilities can obtain a quality education which makes the pay much higher.

What does a Nurse Assistant do?

  • Nursing assistants handle everything that comes with patient care. They play a vital role in medical establishments, training facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and other facilities.
  • Nurse assistants aid the sick people in taking care of their everyday activities which include bathing, cleaning, eating and other activities.
  • They help in providing the basic care that the patient requires and they maintain orderliness and cleanliness in the nursing homes, Healthcare facilities, hospitals and other treatment areas.
  • They assist the patient in making use of the toilet and in getting ready for the day.
  • Nurse assistants help the patient to turn and move to other bed and wheelchairs in the hospital.
  • They monitor the patient’s health concerns and make the required entries and recording and report them to the doctors in charge of occupation.
  • They identify, measure and calculate the vital signs that the sick patient exhibit which includes the taking of the body temperature and pressure.
  • They serve and feed those patients who are unable to eat their meals by themselves.
  • Some nursing assistants are also authorized to administer medicines, however, they should possess the required authorization proper doctor, or under the supervision of a doctor.

 Nurse Assistant jobs description, responsibilities, and duties

Nurse assistants work in hospitals nursing care homes, medical establishments, and other facilities fall under the supervision of nurses in order to ensure that patients receive the best quality care and treatment during that time in the hospital. They are required to wear the specified dress code at the hospital along with the head gear. However, the job of a nurse assistant includes long working hours and different shifts in offering assistance to the doctors and other medical staff. It also includes a whole lot of responsibilities. The following is are the roles, responsibilities, and duties of a nurse assistant. Read on to know more about them.

Nurse assistants are required to assist the patients in completing all of the everyday tasks and cater to the basic needs and requirements. It is necessary that these nurse assistants get the patient ready for the day and look after them throughout the day while performing activities like cleaning,  dressing and bathing the patient.

Look after patients who are elderly in need of help in the everyday activities, stroke victims, patients who have been in accidents and who are recovering from them, patients who underwent surgeries coma and patients with injuries.

Check the vital signs of the patient which includes taking the body temperature and blood pressure and making a record of the patient’s response and the response of the vital organs of the body. The check-up should be done on a routine basis and at that time specified by the doctor Under whose care the patient comes under. This makes the nurse assistant responsible for creating the best positive first impression for the entire medical team in the hospital or Health Care Centre.

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