How much does MRI Technician make hourly/yearly Texas | Jobs Description & Duties

How to become an MRI technologist?

For becoming an MRI technologist, the individuals need to put lots of efforts. The individuals are required to get both practical as well as theoretical knowledge. If you want to get complete information about the study related to the field, then focus on following details:

  • Firstly, focus on the associated degree and the MRI technician course.
  • After completing the degree, the students are required to get practical knowledge. It can be possible with internship and clinical experience.
  • Now qualify for the proper certification and license from the official authority.
  • Get all required certifications.

Those students who have completed all these things properly, they can easily become an MRI technologist. The associations which can help you in getting certified are ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologist) and ARMRIT (American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist). When you get licensed and certified by these associations, after that you can easily perform activities as an MRI technologist.

How much money does an MRI technologist make an hour and monthly salary in Texas?

All individuals are choosing the way of MRI technologist for a better future. It also includes the income factor. Everyone wants to know that how much they can earn after completing the course and getting certified. Most of the professionals get paid on an hourly basis. The average wage of an MRI technologist is 34.73$ per hour.

If you are trying to get proper income stats on the basis of monthly wages, then it becomes 5660$ per month. These stats are taken from the Texas city, but they vary according to the city or area. You cannot find the same kind of pay-scale in all the hospitals in different areas. Some are paying higher and some are following an average pay scale. The salary also depends on the experience of an individual, the Freshers normally have a low pay scale.

The average salary of an MRI technologist is completely perfect as per the national average income. It means the professionals get good pay according to their work.

What does an MRI technician do?

The work of an MRI technician is to take pictures from the internal body of the patients. It depends on the doctors’ prescription and advice. The task can be completed with the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) equipment. The machine is performing work and provides an output with the help of radio waves. The main thing is all these things are radiation free.

An MRI technician also has knowledge of getting results into three-dimensional images. It increases the accuracy and provides better results. Mainly this particular test is considered by the doctors for detecting issues in different parts of the body such as:–

  • Lungs
  • Brain
  • Chest
  • Joints
  • Spinal cord

In the complete procedure, a technician takes 20 to 90 minutes for getting proper results. During the test or MRI scanning, no one faces any kind of pain. It is completely painless. With it, an MRI technician also communicates with the patient during the test and provides the proper instructions.

The report of MRI scan reads by another professional. The professional is known as the Radiologist. By reading the report and determining all images, the radiologist creates another report and prefers to visit a physician. The physician prescribes required treatment to the patient and further steps.

MRI technician jobs description

The main purpose or work which is performed by an MRI technician is to get images of the internal body. With it, the professionals are required to manage the MRI equipment and related activities. The technician needs to perform all these activities by getting directions from the physician. Following points can guide you more related to the job of MRI technician.

MRI technician responsibilities

There are numerous responsibilities on the shoulders of an MRI technician. The professionals need to fulfill them properly and perform activities without any mistake. Following are some of the responsibilities:–

  • Give instructions properly to the patients while imaging and scanning process running.
  • Basic instructions should be given to the patient and in a complete understanding way. In case the instructions are not clearly understood then it may lead to inaccurate and improper test reports.
  • Proper discussion and communication with radiologist & physician. It helps in creating scanning reports properly, without missing any kind of facts.

There are numerous other responsibilities assigned to the MRI technician. But the above-mentioned are most important responsibilities.

MRI technician duties

The job of an MRI technician is associated with different types of duties. In the upcoming points, you can get details about some.

  • Ask patients for providing proper details related to their medical history
  • Maintain and check out the stock of clinical supplies from time to time
  • Attaching the monitoring leads properly to the patient’s body parts
  • Before test consider a personal interview for getting knowledge about the current medical status
  • Always make a backup in the form of image copies
  • Provide proper information related to the complete procedure to the patient and his/her representatives

These are some important facts for those associated with the job of MRI technician. You should be focused on all these things and try to perform your job properly.

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