Medical staffing , jobs and Payscale in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas

Dallas & Fort Worth, one of the major metro region in the state of Texas. Because of the presence of many esteemed medical institutions, Texas is otherwise known as the medical hub of the nation. So, the DFW region has a great requirement for medical staffs.

Medical Staff

The medical staff is not just the Physicians and Nurses anymore. The medical sector has undergone many advancements and new designations like Medical staff coordinator, medical staff manager. Let us have a deeper study on the two major professions – Medical Doctor and Medical Staff Coordinator.

 Medical Staffing in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas

Medicine and healthcare institutions are found in abundance in Texas region. In fact, the medicine and health care are one of the major contributors to DFW’s economy. Texas ranks second in the population. It also has the second most health care employees in the nation, following that the second highest concentration inside the state is seen in DFW metroplex.

Two of the companies with highest employees of the top five in DFW turn out to be from the medical and healthcare sector – Texas Health Care Resources, Baylor Health Care System.

Medical Doctor/Practitioner

MDs are the ones qualified and licensed to practice medicine to patients in a medical institution and elsewhere. There are way many types of MDs in the US. the major ones are,

  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Maternal and New Born Health Practitioners
  • Geriatric Care Practitioners
  • Surgical Practitioners
  • Rehabilitation Care Practitioners
  • Eye Care Practitioners
  • Medical Diagnostics Provider
  • Oral Care Practitioners
  • Foot Care Practitioners
  • Public Health Practitioners
  • Alternative Medicine Practitioners

How to Become a Medical Doctor/Practitioner

The process of becoming a medical doctor is similar all over the US except the eligibility might differ slightly from state to state.

Bachelors degree is essential to enter into a med school in the US. The Bachelor’s degree can be of any major with an emphasis on biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. This is recommended for a better knowledge of health care and natural science.

The med school’s admissions are based on scores from Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). A candidate can take up this test for the maximum of 3 times only.

On entering the medical school complete the course of duration 4 years. The first two years will consist of laboratory and classroom-oriented teaching and after which students are allowed to deal with patients under the supervision of qualified doctors.

Following that is the residency program. The med school graduates get to be resident practitioners. The choice of specialization and area of work may vary and it is up to you to choose your preferences. Based on the type of practice, duration of residency program might vary from 3 to 7 years.

Licensing is the next big thing in line. The licensing examinations for MD are US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) or Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX) based on the field of practice.

The certificate of specialization can opt from American Board of Medical Specialists. This certification is not compulsory, just an additional certification to have better job opportunities and pay scale. The evaluation is different for different specialization.


How much do MDs earn?

Practitioners are paid well in the DFW metroplex. The average pay annually for all practitioners in common id 190,000 USD. The pay is marginally higher than that of US national average of 186,000 USD.

Below are few mentions of the pay scale for various practitioners.

  • Physician – internal practice makes an average 179,000 USD in DFW, Texas, which is 86.90 USD per
  • Family practice physicians have a better pay of 195,000 USD annually / 92 USD per hour.
  • Physician – emergency services are paid 272,000 USD.
  • Surgeons are the highest paid around 372,000 USD.


Medical Staff Coordinator

By the name, the medical staff coordinator’s basic role is to manage and coordinate the doctors and nurses. Their role extends to solving complaints and issues, managing meetings, scheduling, etc. following are the steps to become a medical staff coordinator/manager.

An associate degree in business, health information or allied majors is required. Business degree deals with the usual business, management and marketing. The health information degree is most preferred of the two as it covers, health information management, legal aspect of health, anatomy and physiology.

Medical staff coordinator needs to gain experience between 1 to 3 years. Associate degree holder needs to employ in a clerical healthcare or medical staff position. This experience is necessary for the licensing examination.

The National Association of Medical Staff Services has two examinations- Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS) for medical staff credentialing and Certified Professional Medical Services Management (CPMSM) for coordinators and others.

How much do Medical Staff Coordinators make?

Medical staff coordinators make an average of 19.6 USD per hour. The most common issue they face is a residence, so most of the employers grant medical benefits and hence the pay can be used to manage other expenses. They also get a 4,000 USD bonus apart from the 43,000 payouts annually.

The scenario of Medical Staffs in DFW

In the Q3 2018, USA had a never faced medical staff shortage. Texas also has its own share of shortage since then. The shortage is a mismatch between the requirement of the population and availability of media staff resources. The medical and healthcare staffing is hungry to take in more staffs and hence the pay scales have gone up recently. Some institutions even went to the extent of signing bonuses, inviting travel staff and employing them part-time to prevent patients being unattended.

Acquiring any of the medical staff postings has been easier ever since the shortage. Many staffing agencies have grown and made it easier for employee and the employer to meet their requirements.


The medicine field already in the pace of growth is expected to grow more within a decade. Medical and healthcare is a great career choice as of now if you decide to settle down in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas.