How much does Medical Assistant make hourly/yearly Texas | Jobs description & Duties

How to become a Medical Assistant?

Being a medical assistant is one of the hottest careers in the field. It has tremendous scope for employment, high salary paid, excellent employment benefits and job security. For those aspirants wish to become medical assistants,  There are several options available. It is required that search Candidate should possess a high school diploma or an equivalent certificate. They should also possess sufficient training on the job training at the medical establishment or Healthcare Centre, training and certification from an accredited and recognized college and university of the state any recognized program conducted by the health education authority and the Bureau of health education schools. Aspiring medical assistants can also choose a doctor who will provide them with sufficient training in the area and how to go about offering medical assistance to the patients. This will offer you the opportunity of a hands-on training and you will be guided under the supervision of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

How much money does a Medical Assistant make in an hour and monthly salary in Texas?

A medical assistant earns an average salary of 33217$ in Texas. In some areas, the salary scale starts at $18468  and goes up to $27, 079. The average salary of a medical assistant is about $13 per hour. The salary range varies between $13 to 15 dollars every hour. The salary of a medical assistant also depends upon the location and the area that one chooses to work in. The salary also varies from hospital to hospital, medical centers, Health Care Centres, nursing homes, medical establishments, and other such facilities. The salary range also depends upon the years of experience that the Aspiring medical assistant possesses as well as the degrees and the qualification that one holds. The more degrees and the number of years of experience that the medical assistant holds,  the higher will be the salary paid to him or her.

What Does a medical assistant do?

  • Medical assistants are trained to perform various administrative and clinical procedures in hospitals, Health Care Centres, nursing homes, medical facilities and other such facilities.
  • Medical assistants check out the vital signs of a patient.
  • They make a record of the history of the patient and the elements that the patient suffers from and maintains them along with the personal information of the patient.
  • They take the blood pressure of the patient as well as assist The Other medical staff in the day to day tasks.
  • They offer assistance 2 positions, doctors and nurses during the examination of patients.
  • They administer medicines injections and other such medications to the patient under the supervision and direction of the doctors and nurses, physicians according to the standards and procedures is permitted by the law of the state.
  • They schedule the appointment of patients with doctors and other Healthcare professionals in the medical establishment, Nursing Home, Health Care facility, hospital, and other such facilities.
  • They prepare and label out the blood samples for the purposes of conducting laboratory tests on them.
  • They maintain and record the information of the patients in the hospital and medical records.

Medical Assistant jobs description, responsibilities and duties

Most of their duties and responsibilities changes and the first based on the location, size of the medical establishment and the area of specialty.

  • Ensure that the information of the patients is kept confidential and search for vital information not to be discussed only with the medical professionals and practitioners who are responsible for the treatment of the patient.
  • In cases of medical assistants who handle administrative matters, they are required to fill out insurance forms on behalf of the patient as well as other vitals and personal information of the patient which includes the history of ailments and sickness is that the patient is suffering from.
  • They also answer telephone calls and set appointments for bear shed physics and other professionals in medical establishment or Hospital.
  • The medical assistants in clinics have to conduct basic laboratory tests on the samples taken from the bodies of the patient, dispose of medical equipment, medicines and other supplies which are contaminated.
  • Medical assistants should ensure that every medical instrument is sterilized well before use.
  • They are also required to instruct the patients about how to go about the various procedure and formalities.
  • They are required to instruct the patient about the medication and a medicines to be taken, the diet that the patient is required to follow in order to recover quickly, getting the patient ready for X-rays, scans and other such procedures cleaning the patients wound bandaging them up and removing the stitches, collecting blood from the veins and the body of the patient in order to test them in the laboratory.

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