How much does a registered nurse make in the state of Texas?

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Someone who holds a license to practice as a nurse, registered with the state and the nation is termed Registered Nurse (RN). The state of Texas has a great opportunity for Registered Nurses, ranking second to hold the largest number of nurses employed in the nation. The average earning of a Registered Nurse is 33 USD per hour, which is about 68,000 USD in a year.

Medicine in Texas

Texas with its second largest geographical borders in the country also stands second in the population of states. Texas Medical Centre does the highest number of heart transplants. Texas has a good number of elite medical centers in it than any other state. Though it is third from the last in the quality of health care system due to poverty and illegal immigrants.

What to study?

To acquire the license to practice as a Registered Nurse Texas National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEx) has to be taken after the completion of the nursing degree. The degree can either be associates programme of bachelors’ degree. Diploma holders in nursing won’t be eligible for RNs, instead, they can register themselves for Licensed Vocational Nurse.

Associate Degree in Nursing / Associate of Science in Nursing

ADN is the simplest way to acquire a licensing. The associate programme is an entry-level program that deals mainly with anatomy, chemistry, microbiology, nursing and nutrition. The programme will take 2 to 3 years to complete depending on the interests.

Bachelors of Science in Nursing

The BDN offers a deeper study and more knowledge of medicine and nursing. The course duration is 4 years. There is an upgrade program available for ADN graduates. ADNs can upgrade through a 2-year program offered in various universities. Whereas other degree holders can apply for their course credits and complete the course in less than 2 years.


Below listed are the key differences that will give you a better idea on both.


  • Easy route to becoming an RN.
  • The cost of the study is comparatively less.
  • The course duration is short.


  • Lesser possibilities for growth.
  • Postgraduates program cannot be attended without a BSN.

How to register?

National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) is the body that governs the nurse licensing process all over the nation. The individuals need to apply to the board after which they can take up the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEx).

 National Council Licensure Examination

The test plan as designed by the NCSBN on ‘Framework of client needs’,

  • Safe and effective care environment: Management of the environment and its attributes.
  • Health promotion and maintenance: Healthy life practices and preventive measures.
  • Psychosocial integrity: Establishing psychosocial adoption.
  • Physiology integrity: caring, comfort, therapies and physiological adoption.

The test plan is designed based on the 4 fundamental pillars essential for the practice of nursing, namely (a) nursing (b) caring (c) teaching/learning (d) communication and documentation


What is the pay?

RNs in Texas earn 2% more than the average personal income of the nation. The various statistics and sources say the average income of Registered Nurse in the state of Texas accounts to 68,000 USD for a year which is around 33 USD per hour.

The entry-level salary for the RNs is 66,000 USD on average which is almost same as the average pay in the nation.

Even the least pay in the spectrum is about 55,000 USD which is still pretty manageable as the average living cost in Texas is 8% lesser than the national average. The 75th percentile of the spectrum shows 82,000 USD which is a good pay considering nurses with 10 years’ experience fall in that percentile.

Let’s have a look at other payments that nurses can get,

  • Hourly Tips 50 USD (avg)
  • Over time 7 to 59 USD (per hour)
  • Bonus             101 to 5,500 USD (yearly)
  • Profit sharing 494 USD (avg) (yearly)

Statistics- Pay Scale Vs Region

  1. Houston – Sugarland – Baytown region Stands first on the list with an average pay of 76,000 USD and it also has about 50% of the nurses in Texas.
  2. Second in line is the Dallas – Plano – Irving region with 70,000 USD.
  3. Last and the left out is the Texarkana region which only has 10% of the total nurses in the state and a low pay of 54,000 USD.


The nursing sector is expected to grow more and a 16% in a decade. The Profession of nursing is very favorable for people willing to take up the profession. Furthermore, there are lots of opportunities in the field for advancing to higher levels.

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