Healthcare staffing and Jobs in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas

Dallas & Fort Worth commonly known as DFW metroplex, being the most populous area in the state of Texas has many opportunities in the medical and healthcare department. The state is considered a medical hub of the nation with many elite medical institutions to boast.

Dallas & Fort Worth

DFW metroplex has a rich and versatile economy. Medicine and Healthcare is one of the major contributors to the metroplex’s economy. Texas has the second most healthcare employee base in the nation while DFW is second in the state. Surprisingly two of the five top largest area employees are from the medicine and healthcare,

  • Texas health care resources with 22,300 employees.
  • Baylor health care system with 16,500 employees.

Health Care Staffs

HealthCare staffs have a range of employment opportunities in hospitals and community settings. Some notable area of employment that come under health care include;

  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Maternal and New Born Health Practitioners
  • Geriatric Care Practitioners
  • Surgical Practitioners
  • Rehabilitation Care Practitioners
  • Eye Care Practitioners
  • Medical Diagnostics Provider
  • Oral Care Practitioners
  • Foot Care Practitioners
  • Public Health Practitioners
  • Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Every professional working in this sector from the nurse, physicians, surgeons, pharmacists to therapists come under the health care professionals or healthcare practitioners

Now let us have a deeper study on the two major professions – Nursing and Doctor

How to qualify as a nurse in Dallas, TX?

To qualify and license as a nurse in Texas one needs to pursue any of the following programmes,

  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing

This is a comprehensive course to know the overall process and practice of nursing. The course is the superior of all to get into nursing. The course takes around four years. BSN graduates are eligible to become Registered Nurse (RN).

  • Associate Degree in Nursing

The associate program also meets eligibility to become an RN. The duration is 2 years. Initially, RNs with ADN and BSN are paid the same, the difference grows as the years grow when BSNs are more likely to advance. Moreover, ADNs are not eligible to do a masters degree, for which they need to attend an upgrade program.

  • Diploma Programme

This is a 1.5-year diploma after school. The diploma holders can acquire a license to practice as LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) under the supervision of RNs. The pay is considerably lower than RNs.

  • Nursing assistant training

Undergoing the assistant’s training program after high school is enough to practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). CNAs pay is the least among the nursing professions in Texas.

National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEx)

National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) is the governing board that issues license all over the country for nursing. NCLEx exams are conducted at two levels – one for the RNs and the other of LVNs. Both have the same test plans but different difficulty levels. The test plan is based on,

  • Safe and effective care environment.
  • Health promotion and maintenance.
  • Psychosocial integrity.
  • Physiology integrity.

Clearing the examination will authorize you to practice as a nurse, landing oneself in a job of preference is the final stage. In DFW region there are many staffing agencies for healthcare professionals to find the best job. Finding a job through online portals is simple but agencies make it more effortless.

How to become a Medical Doctor in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas?

Qualifying and licensing to practice medicine in the US is a long process.

  • A bachelor’s degree with coursework in biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics is the basic necessity. Though universities are not specific with majors, a good understanding of science and healthcare is required.
  • Next, take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) to get into medical college. A maximum of 3 attempts is allowed per person.
  • Attend a medical school program which are for 4 years. Of which the first 2 years is classroom and laboratory oriented and after which they are allowed to practice medicine under licensed doctors.
  • Residency programmes are the place where doctors get to deal with the patients. They can work on a specialization that they wish to continue later. Depending on the specialty area the residency can last 3 to 7 years.
  • After graduation and residency programs one is eligible to take up licensing examinations. The US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) or Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX) based on the field of practice.
  • Certification from American Board of Medical Specialists is not necessary, but entitlement of specialization improves job opportunities with better pay grades.

The scenario of nurses in DFW

Here is an overview of the pay scale of nurses in the DFW metroplex, Texas.

Nurse Cadre Annual income (in USD) Hourly wages (in USD)
Certified Nursing Assistant 27,360 11.87
Licensed Vocational Nurse 49,100 23.83
Registered Nurse (ADN) 70,000 33.60
Registered Nurse (BSN) 74,000 35.92


The salaries of RNs stay well above the national average pay, while LVNs still staying below the average pay is nominal. CNA is the least paid of the whole with very less pay scale.

In 2017 the USA faced a shortage of healthcare staff especially nurses due to less availability of nurses than required. This lead to increase in wages and signing bonuses to hold the nurses and employing travel nurses. They also took another step by promising facilities like housing, study loan repayment, etc.

Doctors Pay Scale

Doctors in DFW region have a marginally higher pay than national average. The average pay regardless of the type of practice is about 190,000 USD annually. The Physician – Internal medicine doctors make 179,000 USD annually. Physician – Family practice make good annual pay ranging from 171,000 to 223,000 USD averaging 195,000 USD.

Healthcare Staffing in DFW

Healthcare staffing has met a never seen shortage in the USA and Texas is also affected by it. This has invited more medicine and healthcare professionals in the USA. The industry is in a phase of fast expansion where the needs could not meet the availability. Hence opting health care careers is much welcome specifically in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas with all of its well developed medical centers.