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CT Technician

How to become a CT Technician nurse?

Doctors are prescribing the patients for different types of tests or check-ups. Scanning depends on the type of health-related issues. The CT scan is also one of the important tests. For these types of tests, the patients are required to avail the services of CT technologist. And due to an increase in the demand for the CT technologist nurses, most of the individuals are interested in this particular field. In the following points, you can get details about the way of becoming CT technologist.

  • First of all, the interested individuals are required to pass related study or degree.
  • The second option depends on the bachelor’s degree program. It should be completed in the Radiologic technology.
  • After that, the students need to get a license as the radiologic technologist from state council.
  • When all these things are completed, then the students can apply for the CT technology program.
  • Here the role of ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) appears.
  • The association provides both types of certificates as the CT technologist and Radiologic Technologist.

How much money does a CT Technician make an hour and monthly salary in Texas?

Everyone chooses a sector or work for making money. Many individuals are wondering for gathering proper details related to the income of CT technologist. Mainly the earning of a professional is based on his/her skills and numerous other factors. If we talk about the CT technologist then the region is also a big factor.

In Texas, a professional can earn 33.74$ per hour. This particular figure is an average income. Some individuals are also getting more salary. The professionals do not get an hourly paid system everywhere. In some places, the professionals get paid on the monthly basis. On an average, the CT technologists are receiving 5,063$ as a salary on a monthly basis.

These trends are mainly figured on the basis of fresher’s scale. With the experience, the professionals are able to receive a higher amount of money as the salary.

What does a CT Technician do?

Before you start study related to the CT technologist, some students are interested in getting details about the work. They are trying to configure that what are the duties and what they need to do in the job. CT technologist is a professional who manages the CT scan machines and its activities. During the study and practices, they get knowledge about the process of this particular scan.

There are different types of body scans which can be done with the CT scan machine. The complete procedure may consume 15 to 45 minutes. It completely depends on the type of test and body scan. In other words, you can say that a CT technologist needs to operate the CT equipment and machines. Following types of body parts or things can be scanned or imaged by the professionals.

  • Organs
  • Patient’s bones
  • Tissues

All these things are highly complicated to understand. The students need to be completely focused during the study and essential lessons. In case they cannot understand the concept then they are not able to perform activities in the job properly. The main thing about the job is that it is related to the field and will provide a better and secure career for the individuals.

CT Technician jobs description

All individuals are considering its way of earning a good amount of currency. With it, they want to choose a secured and better sector for a good future. The CT technologist operates the CT or CAT scan machines and associated equipment. It is a kind of diagnostic machine and works in a completely different way. With the help of upcoming detail, you can gather highly informative facts about the job and associated factors.

CT Technician’s duties

Each and every job is associated with some duties. The individuals are required to focus on these things properly and try to make sure they are putting proper efforts. On the activities of a CT technologist, the results of the scan are depending.

 Following are the duties of a CT Technician: –

  • Use the CT (computerized tomography) scanners properly for perfect medical analyzing.
  • Give perfect and interruption free commands to the equipment for scanning.
  • Operate and manage all activities properly for getting a bug or an issue free report with perfect images.

If the technologist is not able to complete all these duties, then he/she cannot provide accurate results. Due to it, the patients will get wrong or unclear reports.

Additional details about CT Technician

The job of CT Technician is full of responsibilities and associated with lots of factors. In the previous paragraphs, you can get lots of details related to all these factors. In the below-mentioned points, I’m going to explain some career and progress related facts.

  • The way of paying the salary to CT technologist is different in all hospitals. Mainly there are two ways of paying salary, one is on a monthly basis and second is hourly based.
  • Most of the hospitals are considering the way of paying wages on the basis of an hour.

It depends on the professionals that which one is suitable for them according to their company rules and regulations.

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