Characteristics Of The Best Healthcare And Medical Staffing Agency

The reputation of a healthcare institution is dependent on the experienced travelling nurse who is also highly skilled. The healthcare and medical staffing agencies recruit certified travel nurse to place them under exposure of extensive job opportunities with lucrative salary, accommodation and as an added bonanza, wonderful goodies at regular interval to keep them positive-spirited. The recruited nurses can gain experience from working under top medical personnel from renowned medical institutions, thereby, a consistent career boost is quite a significant outcome.
So let’s delve into deeper of exciting remuneration and payment, great lodging facility, awesome rewards and multi-faceted jobs under eminent doctors. Here are the characteristics of the healthcare and medical staffing agencies –

1. Job Opportunities All Over The Country
2. Zero Transportation Cost
3. Health Benefit Coverage
4. Cutting Edge Remuneration
5. Active Job Search Option
6. Accommodation Is Never A problem
7. Who Doesn’t Love Gifts?

Job Opportunities All Over The Country

The recruited nurses will get the opportunity to travel all over the country from Anchorage to Atlanta while gaining different learning and working experience from each institution. This is a positive feature for the travelling nurses as they don’t have to work as stationary nurses at one institution. While traveling from one institution to another, they will be well aware of the different infrastructure and get to work under different doctors in different medical situation.

Zero Transportation Cost

With the above point, this question will generally appear as who would bear the cost of so many tours for medical assignments. One of the most exciting benefit of the best healthcare and medical staffing agency alternative is that the agency would bear all the transportation cost of the travelling nurse so that he/she no longer have to worry about traveling so often.

Health Benefit Coverage

The agencies offer Platinum Shield Package for all the traveling nurses, thereby giving assurance of their health. Included in the Platinum Shield are medical coverage for dental, life, health, disability and vision. The well-arranged health package is a perfect emergency medical backup plan for the travelling nurses as with so many travel and work pressure, emergencies may always happen. No matter how minor or major the problem is, both standard and Platinum package offers immediate attention.

Moreover, there is also life insurance policy that offers medical attention to not only the nurses but also their families.

Cutting Edge Remuneration

Unlike the stationary nursing job, the travel nursing job provided by the healthcare and medical staffing agency alternative does not have fixed remuneration. The High Premium Package is one of the competitive features which make it stand out from the full-time work environment by offering a top-notch remuneration package. The nurses do not have to remain (un)satisfied with a fixed package in spite of having more excellence and more work time contribution.

According to requirement and capabilities of each nurse, the remuneration package is customized. Anyone worthy will be able to have command of the package.

There is bonus for working over-time and for those hard working nurses who are skilled to perform in grave conditions

There are referral schemes for the nurses so that they can refer prospective nurses for the job and if they get selected, the referring nurse is eligible for incentives. With such perks, they can earn more than the colleagues.

The weekly remuneration deposit facility is another feature of the staffing agency which work efficiently and help the nurses have the weekly salary transferred to their bank account in a hassle free way.

Active Job Search Option

There is no strictness of remaining in the same location or traveling too often for the assignments as the Super Search Function is there for the nurses. After finishing any assignment, the nurse can easily start hunting for the next lucrative assignment with this feature. Generally after spending twelve or thirteen weeks at a specific area attending to a specific patient in a specific institution, the traveling nurse can change the patient and location choosing from more than thousand jobs in preferred location.

Accommodation Is Never A problem

The private housing facility provided by the healthcare and medical staffing agency alternative is run by a professional housing team who would help the nurses customize their job and pay package at a specific area. With a luxurious accommodation, the nurses would be offered the opportunity to travel or stay with a companion that can even be a pet.

Who Doesn’t Love Gifts?

Bonuses, gifts and goodies are offered to the recruited nurses on yearly basis or throughout the year with regular intervals. Staying away from home for assignments can be monotonous, boring and depressing; hence, the staffing agency tries to keep up the spirit and interest with regular gifts. Nurses can thus stay motivated and render effortless service without compromising on performance.

With all these perks waiting for the nurses, the medical and healthcare agencies try to make the nurses comfortable and positive towards regular traveling and working under different medical conditions.

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