Healthcare Staffing Made Easy

MedTempNow was started by a Nurse who has an extensive background in operations and quality. We very much understand the frustrations many facilities have when scheduling contract labor. We also understand, given the many staff shortages in healthcare, that licensed practitioners are more in a position today than ever before to empower themselves and be their own boss.

MedTempNow has created the electronic platform to bridge the gap between facilities and practitioners while empowering both sides of the market. This empowers facilities to select practitioners in real time based on their patient population and practitioners are able to choose when and where they want to work.





Our Vision

MedTempNow strives to be the leader of high-quality healthcare staffing on a digital platform. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Wayne Horak, is a Registered Nurse (RN) who has held numerous positions as Facility Administrator and Director of Nursing over his 20 year nursing career. He understands first-hand the stress, difficulty, and lack of transparency of the current PRN staffing model.

By using a web and mobile app software solution, we are directly connecting healthcare facilities and practitioners without the layer of the third party staffing agencies. While we pride ourselves on our software solution, we place even greater importance on providing quality clinical care. To that end, we thoroughly vet our practitioners to ensure that they meet all state and facility requirements and we are heavily invested in our rating and feedback information systems. We believe this provides better alignment, communication, and incentives for quality clinical outcomes and separates us from other software solutions.

Our Team

  • Picture of Matt Mear

    Matt Mear

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Picture of Lee Wolford

    Lee Wolford

    Co-Founder and Chairman
  • Picture of Wayne Horak

    Wayne Horak

    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Picture of Nicole Yancy

    Nicole Yancy

    Financial Analyst
  • Picture of Danny Andino

    Danny Andino

    Business Development – Dallas/Houston
  • Picture of John Sherrill

    John Sherrill

    Business Development – Birmingham/Nashville

Board of Directors & Advisory Board

  • Picture of Arthur Cooper

    Arthur Cooper

    CEO and Co-Founder of Fidelis Partners, THMED Executive Search, and Allied Staffing Network
  • Picture of Dr. J. Michael Bennet

    Dr. J. Michael Bennet

    Orthopedic Surgeon, Chairman of the AAOS Multimedia Education Committee, Regional Medical Director for AngelMD
  • Picture of Dr. Cristin Dickerson

    Dr. Cristin Dickerson

    Radiologist, Founder of Green Imaging, Executive Committee Member of the American Association of Independent Doctors
  • Picture of Jordan Epstein

    Jordan Epstein

    CEO and Co-Founder of Stroll Health
  • Picture of Michael Douglas

    Michael Douglas

  • Picture of Sepi McDonnell

    Sepi McDonnell

  • Picture of James Pee

    James Pee

    Principal Consultant, Sharp Echo