5 Reasons you need to avoid Traditional medical staffing agencies and use MEDTEMPNOW

MedTempNow is a raising Medical Staffing Agency for nursing practitioners and healthcare facilities to meet, interact and choose based on their preferences. Such Medical Staffing Agency is what the nursing field is lagging to solve their medical staffing issues.

This eliminates the purpose of middleman and the interaction is healthier to find the best person for their job opening.

The founder and CEO of MedTempNow, Lee Wolford and Co-Founder Wayne (RN) who has spent more than 20 years at various levels like Faculty Administrator, Director of Nursing in his career before he found this. He was very much concerned about the difficulties faced by not just the nurses but also the healthcare facilities in staffing. The CEO says the system is designed keeping in mind to overcome the lack of transparency and stressed work cycle of the existing PRN systems.

The platform is accessible through web and mobile application available for both Android and iOS.

The application they have is a breeze to use with easily understandable and intuitive interface. They not only provide state of the art software experience but the emphasis on quality service for both facility and practitioners is top notch.

Now we will see some of the reasons to choose MedTempNow over the conventional medical staffing agency which has turned obsolete in recent times.

No hassles of middleman

This is the thing many of us in the nursing system have been longing for a very long time.

How fast the nursing sector has grown over time the PRN system has not evolved much. The same old, conventional medical staffing agencies and the time it takes to get a best suiting professional is enough.

This new medical staffing platform, MedTempNow is open to all practitioners and healthcare facilities nationwide.

Anyone can register for free and the facility gets to post the job opening that requires immediate attention with the type of work, schedule and other key details including the pay for the work.

Practitioners who have already registered in the platform with all necessary details from their education to experience, irrespective of the location can apply to the listing through the app itself in simple steps. Then it again goes into the hands of the healthcare facility to decide which candidate suits the best for them and can interact with the personnel in the application itself, discuss terms and then issue the offer.


Healthcare facility gets to choose from a whole lot of people

Previously the healthcare facilities are limited to set of willing practitioners who are registered with the medical staffing agency to which the facility has a tie-up with.

There are no more limitations with MedTempNow. The job opening is not restricted at all, anyone registered with MedTempNow can access it and the willing ones can apply for it at their convenience.

Since the job listing is open and clear with details of pay, work schedule and work time you already get the ones that are okay with your requirements, facilities need not face any hassles to fit the new practitioner in the work cycle.

The platform is not limited to any job title or work type. Anything like travel nurse to per diam practitioners to specialists can be hired using this service.

Preferred work options for practitioners

MedTempNow provides a variety of job openings to choose from. And there are no constraints like time limits or active hours to get placed in a job with this service.

In fact, MedTempNow guarantees 97% of placement with them. All that takes the practitioner to register are create an account with MedTempNow using an e-mail id and fill in the necessary details they ask for.

The details mostly are the basic information about the practitioner, the educational qualification and the work experience they have earned which will help them get more attention in the lot.

Once the registration is successful you get access to every job opening for your title irrespective of the location.

You can filter and view the listings based on your preferences and apply for the shortlisted facilities.

You can be your own boss by deciding your own work time. Put up the time in which you are available to work without any limitations. The facility gets back to you with an offer if your preferences match.


Health care Facilities get to know the practitioners well before the appointment

As we said before this service not only eases the healthcare staffing process but also has a good amount of attention to the quality perspective. Once a practitioner be it temporary or travel nurse works with a facility, facility gets a provision to rate the nurse based on various parameters pinned with the work experience that adds to the practitioners’ profile.

So when a facility gets to shortlist the applicants for a certain job opening, they get a lot of parameters to shortlist, unlike the existing scenario where the staffing agency does that with just limited options.

One thing MedTempNow is clearly better at is the rating that every profile carries. The rating and comments provided from previous work experiences help to understand the quality of service provided by the professional.

Saves time and money

No matter how efficient your faculty management is, the need for temp staffs occurs either due to excess number of patients or some of your staff staffing falling sick.

The instance a healthcare facility is in need of a nurse practitioner they can hire one of their choices within minutes. As we know with the staffing people it is not the same, you let the people at staffing agency about your need and they pass on the information to their prospective practitioners and the set of willing practitioners are either forwarded to the facility or the shortlisting process is also done by the middleman.

With MedTempNow all you have to do is sign in to the platform host the job opening and within minutes you have the list of people willing to work for you, shortlist them interact and find the best and offer the job.

Cost wise you need not pay the bulk amount to the healthcare staffing agency anymore, it is just you and the practitioners.


Offering the best in class per-diam workers is the primary goal of MedTempNow and it does that very efficiently without any compromise on quality either.

It is time for both the practitioners and the healthcare facilities to move from the age-old hiring system to more efficient modern method.

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