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MedTempNow is a mobile platform that acts as one of the premier healthcare placement agencies serving Dallas, TX, and the nearby areas. Our goal is to match your healthcare facility with the best possible staff for your needs. As a trusted provider of home health care jobs, we also strive to help the skilled worker find satisfying and rewarding employment. Our innovative electronic platform connects licensed practitioners and facilities for a positive and ongoing connection that is mutually beneficial.

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At MedTempNow, we understand that there are frustrations with scheduling contract labor. That is why we make it simple to find the best licensed nurse practitioner, or other healthcare staff for your facility. We are one of the most trusted healthcare professional employment agencies providing Med temp staffing with practitioners who are highly trained and qualified.

Our unique electronic platform brings flexibility back to the staff and employer relationship. We make it simple for facilities to choose practitioners in real time depending on their needs. Similarly, practitioners are also able to choose the location and time that they want to work solely with the help of the staffing software.

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Whether you have been searching for nursing recruitment agencies or general home healthcare staffing services, we can provide you with the right solutions. Our digital platform directly connects healthcare facilities and practitioners with no middle man needed. With our web and mobile app software, we are changing the way the healthcare staffing model works for the better.

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Practitioners will have direct access to many healthcare facilities through our electronic platform in which the practitioner creates a professional profile and inputs their availability in real time. This allows the practitioner to truly be their own boss and work when and where they want to.

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Medtempnow allows facilities to personally select practitioners based on their patient population resulting in better quality of care. The facility decides who comes into the facility and not the third party staffing agencies

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